The Emperors of China

The opening of " THE EMPERORS OF CHINA", a new luxury Chinese restaurant in Phnom Penh, brings oriental elegance with a contemporary touch to the Cambodian Capital.

Hong Kong renowned top chef - Dick Wong, has for the last 25 years, been inspired by authentic cuisines from the ancient Chinese dynasty of the Qing (1616-1967). Now he's coming to Phnom Penh to offer his delicious, speciality food.

THE EMPERORS OF CHINA is a unique restaurant where you can taste exquisite Peking duck, steamed life Garoupa, Xia Long Bao- the famous shanghai steamed dumpling with tantalizing juice inside that bursts in your mouth; beggar chicken, handmade noodles in double cooked chicken broth, all of the Hong Kong Rotisserie(Da Siu, Baby ribs, Duck, pigeon, crispy suckling pig), delicious lightly sauted fresh vegetables and many Hong Kong Cantonese specialities.

THE EMPERORS OF CHINA opens at 7a.m. and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. We offer breakfast with a great Phnom Penh soup (Ku Tiev), Chinese breakfast Dim Sum, lunch with Hong Kong Dim Sum and dinner with an extensive menu - all at attractive and affordable prices. The Restaurant has 7 private dining rooms and can seat 200 guests; the intimacy of each is protected by a beautiful screen.

Designed by Chinese-Cambodian and international architects, the ambience at THE EMPERORS OF CHINA is contemporary, casual and elegant yet truly Chinese. It is a harmonious synthesis of oriental elegance and modern setting ideal for any occasion and celebration with family and friends.

Dick Wong, Managing Director and Partner, THE EMPERORS OF CHINA, has 20 years of hospitality experience.

Yary Meas, his partner opened her first Cambodian Chinese restaurant in Belgium in 1976, which is still operating successfully in Louvain La Neuve and Anwarpan, 35 years later.

THE EMPERORS of CHINA serves an extensive list of Wine and Whiskies. Our favorite wine "Comte John Du Monceau" is from an affiliated winery located in Mendoza, Vallee de Uco, at 1500m at the feet of the highest Andes Mountains, Argentina; along with great Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Rose de Malbec, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec. We serve pale, smoky and dry whiskies in a very Scottish way.

Dick has brought the best tea of China that he serves in the authentic Chinese way.

We hope you will enjoy our food, our service and our ambience. We look forward to making your experience truly enjoyable and memorable.

Best Regards and Welcome.

Dick Wong - Yary Meas

No.19 St.163, Sangkat Veal Khan 7 Makhara,Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel. (Reservation) 023 637 6663, (Khmer) 078 774 334, (English) 012 780 667, (Chinese) 097 92 92 699
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